Virtual Conference Series

April 23 | April 25 | April 30

Boost your Growth: Virtual Sales Acceleration Conference for GTM leaders in the Fast Growing Enterprises

A Virtual Series with real-world practitioners. Empower B2B Leaders & Founders with cutting-edge strategies to Accelerate Growth, Optimize Sales, and Streamline Revenue Operations across our 3-part series

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April 23 | 9-10am PT
Session 1 : Leadership Coaching


  • Introduction to SaaS Founders’ Success Pathways
  • Communicating with Investors and Stakeholders About Milestones


  • Building a Resilient Founder’s Mindset for Growth
  • Determining your buyer and messaging
  • Perfecting Your Sales process
  • Discovery to Pitch Deck and Demo to closed won
  • Building your sales playbook – Define, Document, Demonstrate, Deliberately Practice
  • Knowing what good looks like.
  • Hiring Your First Salesperson or Sales Leader


Shane Jamison
Sales Coach & GTM Leader


Protik Mukhopadhyay
Chief Operating Officer, Protecto

April 25 | 9-10am PT
Session 2: How to Perform Account Planning with AI Driven Insights?

Account 360 with AI:

  • Know your customers better with data driven Intents and account prioritization
  • Fast track account research, learning about the customer’s vision and spending capacity

Advance your Customer Engagements with AI

  • Build personalized messaging/email content suitable for the customer journey
  • Improve call performance & conversion rates leveraging AI driven insights

AI- Powered Sales Execution

  • Use AI to deliver the contextual guidance needed to execute at every stage of your B2B deal cycle
  • Can sellers find the right content at the right time with just a click of a button?


Shane Jamison
Sales Coach & GTM Leader


Barnali Bagchi
Rev Ops & AI leader

Joe Parlett
Founder & CEO, Amplify10


April 30 | 9-10am PT
Session 3: How AI could Map White Space Opportunities to Accelerate Expansion?

  • What is Whitespace Analysis & its benefits?
  • Can AI analyze customer data to identify whitespace opportunities?
  • How will this approach help Accelerate Expansion?


Shane Jamison
Sales Coach & GTM Leader


Barnali Bagchi
Rev Ops & AI leader